Sam Liebowitz

at Talking Alternative Broadcasting


Brand Strategy, Marketing/Advertising, Mentorship, Social Media

About me:

My mission is to help people heal, grow and thrive. I use my years of study, experience and unique perspectives on life to help people with their most pressing issues. Determined to make a difference in this world, I use my talents to help bring a shift in the consciousness of the planet one person at a time. I spend my time helping conscious people become better at the business side of life, and helping the business people of the world to become more conscious in their lives. Together with my business savvy and practical minded nature, I infuse my enthusiasm and energy into everything I touch. 

I bring my integrity, compassion, optimism and energy to all of my endeavors. From my healing center to the internet radio station, I believe in cooperation, not competition, and focusing on solutions, not problems. Allow me to help you turn your attention from what’s wrong to what’s right, and from what hurts to what heals.