Web/Software Development Consultation

I do full stack development on a popular website. I am a one person team for over 10 years on this. I am looking for someone who can help me with various growth issues I am experiencing like: Mys...   more
  • Required Skill: Web/Software Development
  • Commitment: 1 Hours
  • Expiration Date: November 29
  • Reward:10 gnikels
  • Posted By: Amanda Blain

UX Design for political website

I'm developing a political website that will generate money for nonprofits. I have a pretty good idea about the functionality but I'd really like to get a different set of eyes on it, especially wh...   more
  • Required Skill: UI/UX
  • Commitment: 5 Hours
  • Expiration Date: January 16
  • Reward:50 gnikels + extra
  • Posted By: Nate Heasley

Graphic Design: Grassroots Education NGO

Hey! We'd love your help empowering brilliant kids to change their lives and society through education. We're hoping to get design support in creating a fundraising pack for our supporters to host ...   more
  • Required Skill: Graphic Design
  • Commitment: 3 Hours
  • Expiration Date: December 30
  • Reward:30 gnikels + extra
  • Posted By: Katie Hunt-Morr