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Redesign Marketing Materials

Iroquois Valley Farms needs help from somebody with a good visual eye and some creativity. We have several documents and presentations that we use as marketing materials. We would like to redesign these documents to create a consistent look and feel. The documents/templates will need be created in Word and PPT so that we can update, modify, re-create internally as needed.   more
  • Cause: Food
  • Required Skill: Graphic Design
  • Commitment: 10 Hours
  • Expiration Date: September 17
  • Reward: 100 gnikels
  • Posted By: Kevin Egolf

Branding/Communications Revamp for Arts & Social Justice ...

We're seeking an expert branding/marketing consultant to help TONYC translate their new revenue-generating business model into a clear communications strategy (mission statement, program language, logo and web design). We have the capacity to implement these changes (develop language, re-design the website) but as a young, fast-growing organization we need the expertise of a seasoned marketing consultant with a passion for non-profit social justice missions.   more
  • Cause: Arts
  • Required Skill: Brand Strategy
  • Commitment: 18 Hours
  • Expiration Date: September 17
  • Reward: 180 gnikels + extra
  • Posted By: Katy Rubin

Need company video to fundraise and launch

Open Assembly is deeply passionate about its mission to enable access to affordable education through the sharing of open educational resources in formal and informal education environments. But we have nothing that helps us communicate our mission, nor the passion and commitment behind it. We are in need of a short video (nothing fancy) so we can get our message (and product) out there, and also seek social venture capital to help us move forward (it seems to be a common application requirement). Need help with both storyboarding and filming, but anything would help. Have a free location!   more
  • Cause: Education
  • Required Skill: Marketing/Advertising
  • Commitment: 20 Hours
  • Expiration Date: September 17
  • Reward: 200 gnikels + extra
  • Posted By: Domi Enders